Final Band Design!

Vybe_Blue Vybe_Green Vybe_Pink Vybe_Red Vybe_Yellow

The Vybe team has been working diligently with our Graphic and Industrial designers to finalize the Vybe band design. We have trimmed some fat from our initial concept and ultimately designed one of the cleanest and most comfortable bands possible using the best materials available!

We are currently ironing out the clasp and hole designs with our mechanical team and will have final designs posted soon.



Packaging: The pros and cons

We’ve been looking into different types of packaging for the Vybe and are pretty excited with the “watch box” style packaging in the picture below. The box has a showcase window which will show the front face of the Vybe band.

From the rendering we are planning to shave off some of the bulk of the box and update the graphics.

The packaging will also be a standard USPS package size to reduce rates for future purchases.