Shipping date and new website

Dear Backers,

We have some news and Vybe will now be shipping in May. Due to some unfortunate delays that were ultimately aimed at perfecting our product, we have had to push the date another 8 weeks.

We have had a lot of support from backers along the way, and are still very excited for all of you to finally see Vybe.

Some big news is that our new website is launched with updated pictures of Vybe which will now be selling for $49.00.

If you would still like a refund please email and we will process it immediately.

We appreciate all the positive feedback and support!

The Vybe Team


5 thoughts on “Shipping date and new website

  1. This is really bad service to your backers! From a promised shipping date by 28th of February to May, and still no final date!
    You should compensate you backers in some way instead of just offering a money back, because you still have backers, that believe in your product and have choose to stay dispite of your constant pushing of the shipping date!

  2. I see people complaining here and yet for what ? this things happen all the time if you do not buy a ready product 9 ( sometime also if you buy ready ) , in this things ( concepts to reality ) there is always a 60% risk, if not 90%, and that is why most time you pay less that in a retail shop when the item is out, so instead of complaining cut them some slack or get out, furthermore if you are looking for promises ask to your ex, the one that promise you to love you forever, but end-up to leave you for your best friend – life is hard

  3. I’m just sooooooo excited, i thought we were getting scammed, but now, I’m telling everyone to buy one!!!!!! even if there will be another delay. we are soooo lucky to be in on the ground floor of this device. my dad, who is the D.A. in our hometown is down for two of these, and has recommended that other friends of law enforcement in our city get in on this device so no more calls can be missed for work , our local fire dept. is down for these as well!

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