30 Day Battery, Water-resistant, Full App Integration & Finished Module.

We are back with some more great news about Vybe. It’s been a long road with some ups and downs but everything is looking great right now for Vybe.

Our Engineering team was able to create a much smaller module than expected, which in turn, will make Vybe sleeker and smaller. They were also able to add a battery with an amazing lifespan. Vybe will be able to last for 3600 one-second vibrations. This means that if you have an average of 100 notifications going to your Vybe per day, your Vybe won’t need to be charged for 36 days! If you have less notifications per day, the battery will last even longer.

Here are some pictures of the finished module.



We were also able to enhance the water-resistance so that Vybe can be safely showered with. We have done this by designing a fully sealed capsule with a water-resistant micro usb charging port.

We are really excited about this next feature. Vybe will be able to communicate with any app that receives push notifications! This means that ANY app can be used with Vybe. As long as push notifications are enabled for the app you want to use with Vybe, it will popup in the Vybe App menu and allow you to customize which notifications it pushes.

We have had some delays with debugging firmware and are hoping to ship by the 31st of May but the date might trickle over into June. Our team beleives that our delays in shipping have been for the best as we try to bring you an exceptional product. Bear with us through another month, and we will have your Vybe shipped soon.

We understand that there have been many delays and that waiting this long can be frustrating. If you would like a refund, shoot us an email (contact@wearvybe.com) and we will take care of it.


The Vybe Team


12 thoughts on “30 Day Battery, Water-resistant, Full App Integration & Finished Module.

  1. So…. now you’re saying a June delivery. I am excited and looking forward to this product, but I will admit that I have been quite frustrated by all the delays.

    • Hi Anna, we are just as frustrated with the delays. We are working to bring everyone an “Apple Quality” product – and that takes time. We are glad you are willing to hang in there.

      • Thank you thank you. Really would be much apreciated if you rewarded the ones who are hangin in. Its been such a long wait now. My holidays come to an end and i was very frustrated by it all

  2. I believe you are doing your best to bring a great end result product. I also believe thought that it is not enough to just give the money back if you don’t wish to wait as the waiting has been done and the date has been moved 3 months out. If you really cared about customer service not just good customer service but outstanding then there should be a discount or something for those who believed in your product and have chosen to keep waiting. I’m just saying. It’s not just about the product but caring about those who funded you to be able to you closer to your goal of making such product.

    • Hi K.C. Thanks for your input. Although we would love to give all of our initial backers a discount, we have used all of the money raised and more to bring you a very solid product.

    • Hello K.C. The pre order price of this devise was less than their retail price is going to be. Therefore everybody that pre ordered it and had sufficient patience to wait for completion actually does get a discount from the full retail price of this product. And although it would be nice to get rewarded in some way aside from that, everybody who preordered should realize they were taking a risk and begrateful that it payed off. Or simply request the refund as was originally promised. I don’t understand why everybody is upset because the people we are backing are trying to give us such a good product.

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