Vybe Update


Dear Backers,

First off, we really wanted to thank all of the supportive emails we have received from backers. It has shown that even with countless delays and many months of issues and missed promises, the majority of support from backers has been very positive.

We understand that supporting a crowd-funding campaign is not always predictable, and our Vybe Team has tried to be as transparent as possible through this process. We are currently making great headway with Vybe but the project has proven to be much more complex than initially thought. That being said, we have taken every step to bring all of our backers the best product possible.

In the last several months we have been able to improve Vybe incredibly since the initial crowd-funding campaign was launched November 2013. Just to recap, Vybe now has a powerful application for both iOS and Android with an incredible feature set that was never even planned for. We have taken the time to create a product that you will use everyday and be excited to tell your friends about. It had never crossed our mind to ship an inferior product and have our 2000+ backers disappointed with our execution and creation of Vybe.

Updates with Vybe

Firmware Code

Over the past month we have been designing and customizing our firmware code to work flawlessly with Vybe. For many who aren’t tech savvy, firmware is code that is permanently stored on the device and speaks to the hardware (Vybe) and the software (App) and makes everything run flawlessly. It has been an intense process that has our engineers working diligently on. Because firmware is so important, and can’t be updated once shipped, we simply cannot ship until it’s perfect. For us, quality is a number one priority and from the responses of many emails, it’s our backers priority as well.

Vybe’s Smaller Size

During our design and testing phases we were able to eliminate a few unnecessary parts on the Vybe module. In doing so, Vybe became much smaller (almost half the size) and would be able to fit into a much smaller capsule and band. We weren’t completely happy with the size of the band that we had prototyped and after much deliberation, we decided to make everything sleeker and smaller. We had referenced this design change in our last post and we received a lot of positive feedback for making the choice to go smaller. Unfortunately this has caused us to have to redesign placement of components on the board, and redo all of our Mechanical Drawing and CAD files for production.

Due to the firmware code being completed and redesigned we have been forced to push our delivery date. We hope that all of our backers will continue to support us as we work incredibly hard to bring an amazing and affordable device to market.

We took a video of the current Vybe prototype in action. It shows the chip vibrate when receiving a call, a text, and when the alarm goes off. We hope you enjoy the update!

We project that module completion, firmware coding, and debugging will take 6 weeks. We are able to start production once the module has be completed and will move to production soon after and will take approximately 8 weeks. This pushes our shipping date to the second week of September. We understand that this will be coming up on 1 year since many backers pre-ordered and how this can be frustrating. We wanted to give all of you a bit of a comparison by referencing “Tile” http://www.thetileapp.com who raised 2.6 million dollars on Kickstarter and another 10 million in pre-sales almost 1 year ago and just started shipping this past weekend. Technology products are very tough to bring to market and we are working very hard to bring Vybe to you as quickly as possible.

We hope that this post has reassured most of you of our good intentions, and that you will let us bring you a great product at a great price.

The Vybe Team