30 Day Battery, Water-resistant, Full App Integration & Finished Module.

We are back with some more great news about Vybe. It’s been a long road with some ups and downs but everything is looking great right now for Vybe.

Our Engineering team was able to create a much smaller module than expected, which in turn, will make Vybe sleeker and smaller. They were also able to add a battery with an amazing lifespan. Vybe will be able to last for 3600 one-second vibrations. This means that if you have an average of 100 notifications going to your Vybe per day, your Vybe won’t need to be charged for 36 days! If you have less notifications per day, the battery will last even longer.

Here are some pictures of the finished module.



We were also able to enhance the water-resistance so that Vybe can be safely showered with. We have done this by designing a fully sealed capsule with a water-resistant micro usb charging port.

We are really excited about this next feature. Vybe will be able to communicate with any app that receives push notifications! This means that ANY app can be used with Vybe. As long as push notifications are enabled for the app you want to use with Vybe, it will popup in the Vybe App menu and allow you to customize which notifications it pushes.

We have had some delays with debugging firmware and are hoping to ship by the 31st of May but the date might trickle over into June. Our team beleives that our delays in shipping have been for the best as we try to bring you an exceptional product. Bear with us through another month, and we will have your Vybe shipped soon.

We understand that there have been many delays and that waiting this long can be frustrating. If you would like a refund, shoot us an email (contact@wearvybe.com) and we will take care of it.


The Vybe Team


On Schedule for May Shipping

We just wanted to let everyone know that we are on schedule for May shipping. There have been no more delays this far and the final product is impressive. We have made everything sleeker and more powerful. Our battery is projected to last 7 to 10 days depending on usage.

We look forward to shipping very soon!

The Vybe Team

Shipping date and new website

Dear Backers,

We have some news and Vybe will now be shipping in May. Due to some unfortunate delays that were ultimately aimed at perfecting our product, we have had to push the date another 8 weeks.

We have had a lot of support from backers along the way, and are still very excited for all of you to finally see Vybe.

Some big news is that our new website is launched with updated pictures of Vybe which will now be selling for $49.00.

If you would still like a refund please email engelo@wearvybe.com and we will process it immediately.

We appreciate all the positive feedback and support!

The Vybe Team

Still waiting for a firm shipping date… New updates to talk about

Dear Backers,

We’re still awaiting confirmation from our factories so that we can post a firm shipping date for Vybe. We don’t want to give anyone another inaccurate date, so please be patient with us for another week or so until we have a firm date to share. 

We do have some good news! We have new Vybe product shots to show you. We received a batch of bands and they look great – they’re so comfortable and fit very well. The colors still need some minor tweaking, but we’re getting there.


This week, we’ll be launching an update to our website – it will include new product and lifestyle shots as well as a price bump to $49 which will be our MSRP. There will also be updated Vybe packages for purchase. We’d love to hear your feedback, so let us know what you think about the new site!

Again, we want to be as accurate as possible with the new shipping date that we’re going to provide, so hang tight and we’ll have it soon.

 The Vybe Team

We missed our deadline, and we’re honoring our guarantee. Here are some reasons to hang tight…

We truly apologize for missing our shipping date and the money-back-guarantee we promised is being honored. If you would like a full refund we will be happy to issue one. We want to be fully transparent with our backers and give them what they really want. We believe that with the new features and design we have implemented you will want to wait it out with us.

Some of the reasons the date has been pushed directly relate to bringing you the best Vybe possible. What we didn’t want was to send you a product that wasn’t ready or 100% perfect because that’s what we’ve been striving towards.

1. Band Design & Engineering

Our initial band design needed to be modified to fall in line with our high expectations. We hired an amazing mechanical engineer that took our original design to the next level by adding subtle lines, trimming some of the fat, and overall making a much sharper looking band. We have received great response for the design and are very excited for production. We were planning to use a compression mold which is generally used for smaller unit runs and is a more affordable option. After some discussion with our team we decided to upgrade to an injection mold which will yield a much higher-end design and finished product. We didn’t want to sacrifice quality to save time – an injection mold generally takes 2 to 3 times longer to make.

2. SOC (Chip/Board) – Design & Functionality

If you check out our iOS and Android post, we have decided to provide backers with a free app that opens up a whole new way to control your Vybe. These customizable features bring great value to our Vybe band and really enhance user experience. You can now turn alerts on and off to your liking and set silent alarms. Adding the app also allows us to bring you new features in the future. We’re planning to add tethering sensitivity and custom vibrations for alerts. We wanted to make the Vybe and the Vybe App ship at the same time, and this lead us to some firmware and software modifications that took longer than expected.

3. China New Year Setback

We were hoping to have the mold finished by the time their New Year rolled around and that turned out not to be the case. This left us in limbo for 2 weeks with absolutely no communication. It ultimately pushed our date further than we had hoped, thus missing our February 28th ship date.

We just wanted to thank all of our backers for the continued support and hope that you will stick with us while we continue to work through the days and nights to bring you the best product possible.

The Vybe Team

NEW VYBE APP!! More features and more control.

We are really excited to announce that Vybe will be accompanied by a free iOS and Android app. This will give Vybe users an extended feature set with even more control. Users will have the ability to turn alerts on or off depending on the notifications you would like to receive. The new features include Email, FaceTime and Social Media notifications.

Another feature that we’ve added is the “Silent Alarm” feature. We truly think this adds great value and usability to the our Vybe band. You can now set your alarm to wake you up silently in the morning without waking your significant other. You can also set your alarm on-the-fly to remind you of important events that you don’t want to miss like taking medication, an important meeting, or forgetting to take food out of the oven.


Stay posted for more updates coming soon,

The Vybe Team

Production is underway!

We are happy to report that production is officially underway! After a long February with a few ups and downs, we have the green light for production. We are very excited as all of our hard work is paying off. Our factories in China have received our finalized CAD files and are staging our first run of 10,000 units for production.

The Vybe Team